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  • Sealed UnitsSealed Units

    Misted units/scratched glass replacement and repair in Gloucester

    Double glazed units often break down leaving misting and starching between the glass. We can cost effectively replace these units quickly allowing you to enjoy your view again.

  • Window RefurbWindow Refurbishments

    Gloucester window refurbishment services - Draughty windows, unsightly silicon and sticking hinges are all issues that Jardines Doors and Windows can resolve.  We can advise on all issues relating to window refurbishment, from a simple reseal and adjustment to solve the problem, to more extreme measures such as window replacement.

  • Locks and HandlesLocks and Handles

    Often handles can be repaired but if necessary for a low cost they can be changed and with a wide range of designs and colours they can smarten up your windows and doors.

  • Door PanelsDoor Panels

    Jardines Windows and Doors supply and install a full range of door panels with many beautiful designs that can be installed into any existing door at a fraction of the cost of a new complete door unit.

  • Tired FramesTired Frames

    Discoloured Frames

    Windows and doors looking tired, grey or yellowing? Our frame refurbishment allows the surface to be deep cleaned giving windows a fresh new look.  Couple this with new sealings and polished glass and quickly and cost effectively your windows look new again.

  • Conservatory Refurb

    Conservatory Refurbishments

    We can reseal conservatory roofs, change gutterings and seals and replace existing glass units or polycarbonate sheeting, lead flashing can also be renewed.

  • Roofing RefurbRoofing Refurbishment

    Guttering can be replaced, but often cleaning out your guttering and replacing gaskets or certain damaged sections is a much more cost effective way than full replacement.


Window repair in Gloucester

01frontpagevanFor all your window, door and conservatory repairs and UPVC services in Gloucester, we offer the complete service. You can contact on 07939 71 35 81 or click here to send us a message. Also, you can fill out our online quote form here and we will get right back to you with estimated costings to repair your windows, doors or conservatory.

From sealed unit replacement to professional glass polishing, we offer a service that is affordable and local to you.

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